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The Golden Ratio Squad as of June 2022. L-R: Remoulade, Venkman, Nacho, Guacamole, Hopper, and Chief Brody

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Your favorite golden retrievers (plus one Labradoodle) - Hopper, Venkman, Maggie, Jasmine, Queso, Riley, Swizzle, Guacamole, Chief Brody, Voodoo, St. Patrick, Parmesan, Manchego, Remoulade, and Nacho - the Golden Ratio!

A Brief Introduction

The original Golden Ratio included Hopper (aka Hops, Hopper T), Venkman (Venk/Vink/Vonk, Vink the Dink, Agent of Chaos), Maggie (Schmieg/the Schmiegly one), and Jasmine (Jasmeen the Finest Dog I've Ever Seen), and was expanded to include Queso (the Big Cheese), and their first boy, Riley (Boyfren).

As of June 2022, the Golden Ratio includes Hopper, Venkman, Guacamole (Guac, Guaco-man), Chief Brody (CB, CBGB), Remoulade (Remi), and Nacho. Five other dogs have also joined the Squad after Riley, but have since passed away: Swizzle (The Swiz), St. Patrick (né Theo; the only non-Golden Retriever), Parmesan (Small/Little Cheese), Manchego (Cheggs, Cheese Cube), and Voodoo (Voods, Pinto Bean).

All of the dogs except Hopper and Venkman were rescues. Particularly in recent years, the household has specialized in taking in senior dogs and dogs with serious medical conditions. The dogs are famous for their affinity for waffles and carrots. Their carrot preferences were previously categorized into just two "teams"--cronch (regular, uncooked carrots) and roasty (roasted in the oven)--but team designations have expanded with both diverse diets and selected behaviors. Additionally, GR Dad in particular has been known to give roasties to members of Team Cronch because he is a softie--a "roasty of a human."

Team Dogs
Crunch (aka Team Cronch) Maggie, Hopper(pre-2020), Venkman, Guacamole, Chief Brody

Queso, Jasmine, Riley, Hopper (for awhile in 2020), Swizzle, St. Patrick (small portion)
Chaos Venkman, Guacamole, Voodoo, Chief Brody
Foreign Object Queso, Guacamole, Voodoo (repeatedly)
Thief Riley, Swizzle, Voodoo (although mostly from the recycling bin), Chief Brody[1]
Can't have carrots Voodoo (eats a "meat carrot" or turkey slice instead); Parmesan; Manchego (not in line with his diabetes management), Remi (also diabetic)

The Dogs

Current (Squad 2.7 - Squad Numbers Available Here)

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The Golden Ratio, April 2019 Front, L-R: Venkman, Hopper, Riley Back, L-R: Queso, Maggie, Jasmine

Six Golden Retrievers together in a well-lit living and dining area. The dogs hold mixed positions, from standing to sitting to lying down.

Squad 2.6, the group as of April 2021. Back row L-R: Voodoo, Venkman, Guacamole, Hopper. Chief Brody is at front right, and Manchego is directly behind him.