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Your favorite golden retrievers (plus one Labradoodle) - Venkman, Hopper, Maggie, Jasmine, Queso, Riley, Swizzle, Guacamole, Chief Brody, Voodoo, St Patrick and Parmesan - the Golden Ratio!

A Brief Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Golden Ratio is a group of fantastic golden retrievers owned by Dr. Jen Golbeck (aka GR Mom) and Ingo Burghardt (aka GR Dad). They were originally based in the Washington DC area in the United States, but have begun shifting to their home in the Florida Keys. GR Mom, GR Dad, and the squad are present on many different social platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, podcasts, and most recently, TikTok.

The original Golden Ratio comprised Hopper (aka Hops or Hopper T), Venkman (aka Venk/Vink/Vonk, Vink the Dink, Agent of Chaos), Maggie (aka Schmieg/the Schmiegly one), and Jasmine (The Finest Dog I've Ever Seen), and was expanded to include Queso (and her face-o in the place-o; aka the Big Cheese), and their first boy, Riley (aka Boyfren).

As of December 9th, 2020, the Golden Ratio includes Hopper, Venkman, Guacamole (aka Guac, Guaco-man), Chief Brody (aka CB, CBGB The Big Chief), St. Patrick (né Theo; the only non-Golden Retriever), Voodoo (Voods) and Parmesan (aka Small/Little Cheese) This grouping, along with Swizzle, is sometimes referred to as Squad 2.0, to differentiate them from the earlier group of dogs present during/shortly after the start of the Golden Ratio accounts.

The dogs are famous for their affinity for waffles and carrots, and can be identified by their allegiance to treat types.

Team Dogs
Crunch (aka Team Cronch) Maggie, Hopper(pre-2020), Chief Brody

5/31 edit: GR Dad is a softie and all dogs are actually fine with cronches

Roasty Jasmine, Riley, Hopper (2020), Swizzle, Guacamole, Chief Brody
Chaos Venkman, Guacamole, Voodoo
Foreign Object Queso, Guacamole, Voodoo
Thief Riley, Swizzle

The Dogs[edit | edit source]

Current (Squad 2.0)

Angel Dogs

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The Golden Ratio, April 2019 Front, L-R: Venkman, Hopper, Riley Back, L-R: Queso, Maggie, Jasmine

One Labradoodle and five Golden Retrievers standing in one row in a living room, in front of a red couch.

Squad 2.0, the group as of August 2020. L-R: St. Patrick, Venkman, Swizzle, Chief Brody, Guacamole, Hopper

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